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elektricky zabezpecovaci system

Electric security system

Electrical security systems (EZS) protect households, companies, office buildings, industrial parks and various other objects.

Protection from danger

Their primary task is protection against unauthorized entry into the building. In the event of such an intrusion, the system triggers an acoustic and optical signal in order to deter the intruder or alert the owner of the building or the guard service.

In addition provide protection against fire or explosion hazards. They include different types of sensors – ionization, optical or thermal fire detectors.

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About the resulting disturbance
the alarm system informs in different ways:

EZS can be easily controlled directly on site via the keyboard, using a mobile application or by calling the number of the control unit.

The system is activated by entering a numerical code on the keyboard, sending an SMS, calling the mobile number of the control unit, contactless access card, remote control or mobile application.


By calling or texting


By notification to the Police / SBS


Notification to the mobile application


Using an audio message



After contacting the customer, we try to put on his shoes and look at the given project first through his lens. First, we ask a lot. We ask about the vision of the project, its identity, direction, purpose of its use and functionality. We are interested in the future plans of the investor, his intentions, as well as all other attributes that the project should meet in order to fulfill the expectations of the investor and its users. We ask about the facility’s operating mode, the level of required standard and comfort, but also about the level of security. We compare these expectations with our experience and available technologies on the market.


Our sales representative will meet with you, and his task is to advise you and get an overall idea of securing the space according to your needs.


Based on your idea, requirements, demands and estimated price, we will select a specific type (brand) of EZS, and then our design department, together with experts in the given technological components, will create a tailor-made project together. It is drawn in the floor plan of the building, where the location of the system elements is clearly indicated.


After incorporating your comments, approving the design and creating a measurement statement (list of necessary components and construction interventions), we will prepare a price offer that we will present to you for approval.


After final adjustments and approval of the price offer, the implementation is started.


After the work has been completed, we will hand over a project in which the exact positions of the end elements, EZS box and cable routes are drawn.


Our technicians will install the cabling in the space and install the end elements. Subsequently, a security system expert comes in to configure the control unit according to your requirements.


After the system is launched, training will take place on how to operate the system.

What EZS do we use?

Paradox brand products are among the top in the field of electrical security systems. This company is based in Canada, but its systems are exported to almost 100 countries around the world.

The company Inner Range was founded in Melbourne, Australia, has over 30 years of experience, and has deployed more than 50,000 systems worldwide.

Satel’s products have gained recognition on a global scale. Their product portfolio is wide and boasts high quality.

The Czech company Jablotron has been creating outwardly simple but ingenious solutions since 1990. In Slovakia, they have gained considerable popularity for their quality, wide use and favorable price.

Other professional systems we work with

kombinacia s inymi systemami ezs

with other systems

EZS can also be connected to other systems, e.g. with a camera system, fire alarm system, access system, with any other devices via input/output modules, with more complex systems via an application interface and software integration.

In addition, a large number of modern sensors can be connected to the system, such as flood sensors, toxic gas leakage sensors, temperature sensors, air quality sensors and many other complex integrations.


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