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pristupovy system

Access system

The most critical system of any building. It ensures the access of authorized persons to buildings, offices, warehouses, apartments/houses, elevators, parking lots, etc. It must work continuously and enable immediate evacuation, for example in the event of a fire.

Access Systems (ACS)

They make it possible to easily check the entrances and exits of people in the building. They can serve as a monitoring and security element in family houses or apartments, small and large companies, administrative buildings and industrial parks.

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Possibilities of using access systems

Nowadays, access systems perform a number of functions, such as:

  • management and registration of visits – visitor management
  • records of employee attendance
  • control of the movement of people in the building or on the premises
  • tracing the presence of persons in the area with a security incident at the time of the incident
  • basis for optimizing the measurement and regulation of the building
  • information about the current number of people in the building / area in case of emergency evacuation
  • control of compliance with safety or epidemiological measures
  • simplification of security or automation in the space (in the office or in the apartment) by direct automated action from the access system
  • triggering a classic or silent alarm anywhere in the area, in the building in the event of an emergency

IP Intercoms

Safe and comfortable communication using devices that will give your building the right flair.

For our projects, we propose luxurious and modern intercoms with the possibility of mounting on the surface or in the wall.

By combining audio/video communication with access system devices, you will achieve comfortable and absolute control over movement in your building.

Our designs allow intercoms to be integrated into many other systems.

Analogue solutions are a thing of the past, IP intercoms provide more than it might seem at first glance.

IP Intercoms have huge possibilities in the field of automation.



How does
our cooperation work?

After contacting the customer, we try to put on his shoes and look at the given project first through his lens. First, we ask a lot. We ask about the vision of the project, its identity, direction, purpose of its use and functionality. We are interested in the future plans of the investor, his intentions, as well as all other attributes that the project should meet in order to fulfill the expectations of the investor and its users. We ask about the facility’s operating mode, the level of required standard and comfort, but also about the level of security. We compare these expectations with our experience and available technologies on the market.


Our sales representative will meet with you, and his task is to advise you and get an overall idea of securing the space according to your needs.


Based on your idea, requirements, demands and estimated price, we will select a specific type (brand) of EZS, and then our design department, together with experts in the given technological components, will create a tailor-made project together. It is drawn in the floor plan of the building, where the location of the system elements is clearly indicated.


After incorporating your comments, approving the design and creating a measurement statement (list of necessary components and construction interventions), we will prepare a price offer that we will present to you for approval.


After final adjustments and approval of the price offer, the implementation is started.


After the work has been completed, we will hand over a project in which the exact positions of the end elements, EZS box and cable routes are drawn.


Our technicians will install the cabling in the space and install the end elements. Subsequently, a security system expert comes in to configure the control unit according to your requirements.


After the system is launched, training will take place on how to operate the system.

Manufacturers with whom we most often cooperate in the design of access systems

It provides a comprehensive access and security system and forms an integration platform for all other systems used in buildings/objects.

The 2N company has long been among the leaders among intercoms and home gatekeepers, but with its constant innovation, it conquers the markets of access systems and automation with a high-quality portfolio.

This access system from South Korea belongs to the absolute leaders in the field of biometrics.

HID GLOBAL’s products belong to the top in the field of access cards – physical and mobile, and to the leaders in the field of electronic identity.

An open platform for access control and security software. A popular tool for system integrators, making life easier without compromising on security.


What can an access system contain?

  • Workstation (Computer) / ACS server
  • ACS box
  • Power supply
  • Backup source – Battery
  • Control unit (HID, Integriti)
  • Software + licenses (Credo, BioStar)
  • Access card reader
    • Access card reader
    • biometric fingerprint reader
    • keyboard
    • bluetooth
    • and many more, including combinations of the above
  • Lock
    • electro-mechanical
    • electro-magnetic
  • Exit button
  • Bell + Gong
  • Panic button
    some panic buttons are equipped with additional contacts to which a signal cable can be connected. It sends information to the system that the button was pressed. Based on this information, an alarm can be triggered or a message sent to the designated person/persons.
  • Cabling
kombinacia s inymi systemami pristupovy system

with other systems

ACS works on the principle of comparing access rights from the database with input identification data.

For this purpose, in addition to the access card, the function of recognizing faces or license plates through the camera system can also be used. After matching the input information with the database of the given system, access to the building or other security systems is subsequently enabled.

When combined with a security system, the function of arming and disarming premises using an access card/chip is mainly used.


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