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cctv kamerovy system

CCTV camera system

It increases safety in the workplace, guards property or health, can count people or warn of security threats in real time and, thanks to intelligent software, even today without the need for physical operators.

Keep an overview, wherever you are

  • security of the perimeter against unauthorized entry
  • ensuring an overview of what is happening in the building, object or campus
  • entry control according to vehicle license plates
  • automated security inspections of the building
  • entry control based on face recognition
  • counting vehicles or visitors
  • marketing reports on gender, race or age of visitors
  • mask control, temperature measurement or compliance with distances
  • measuring the speed of cars moving in the guarded area
  • centralized supervision of multiple camera systems
  • monitoring of defined activities and SMS/email notifications, etc.
  • quick search in hours of records based on data analysis
  • intelligent tailor-made analyzes thanks to artificial intelligence
  • integration with other systems in buildings

These are just a few of the features of today’s camera systems that will help you increase security or visibility, regardless of whether it is a camera system for an office building or an industrial site or an apartment building.

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How does
our cooperation work?

After contacting the customer, we try to put on his shoes and look at the given project first through his lens. First, we ask a lot. We ask about the vision of the project, its identity, direction, purpose of its use and functionality. We are interested in the future plans of the investor, his intentions, as well as all other attributes that the project should meet in order to fulfill the expectations of the investor and its users. We ask about the facility’s operating mode, the level of required standard and comfort, but also about the level of security. We compare these expectations with our experience and available technologies on the market.


Our sales representative will meet with you, and his task is to advise you and get an overall idea of securing the space according to your needs.


Based on your idea, requirements, demands and estimated price, we will select a specific type (brand) of EZS, and then our design department, together with experts in the given technological components, will create a tailor-made project together. It is drawn in the floor plan of the building, where the location of the system elements is clearly indicated.


After incorporating your comments, approving the design and creating a measurement statement (list of necessary components and construction interventions), we will prepare a price offer that we will present to you for approval.


After final adjustments and approval of the price offer, the implementation is started.


After the work has been completed, we will hand over a project in which the exact positions of the end elements, EZS box and cable routes are drawn.


Our technicians will install the cabling in the space and install the end elements. Subsequently, a security system expert comes in to configure the control unit according to your requirements.


After the system is launched, training will take place on how to operate the system.

How do we proceed with the design of the camera system?

  • We first talk with each customer about WHY he needs a camera system, WHAT he needs to guard or WHAT he needs to have an overview of and information about, and HOW he imagines the operation of his camera system. Only after obtaining a detailed idea of the customer do we proceed with the next steps.
  • During the initial inspection and meeting, the nature of the building and the way the camera system is used (overview use, detailed images, areas with increased surveillance interest, areas with lower surveillance importance) will be determined.
  • After obtaining the necessary information, the initial design of the layout of the end elements is drawn in the floor plan of the object with the areas of camera views marked
  • In places where it is not necessary to install cameras with a varifocal (adjustable) lens, we suggest, depending on the area of surveillance, cameras with a specific resolution and lens according to the angle of view and the distance of the monitored area. In this way, it is possible to save a significant part of the investment for the client.
  • The proposal is presented to the client and the changes are drawn (movement of cameras, addition of missing cameras, removal of redundant cameras…)
  • After the resulting number of cameras, a recalculation is made for the required storage and data flow, on the basis of which the recording device and the number of hard drives are subsequently selected
  • At the request of the client, it is possible to prepare a 3D design of the monitored premises with the location of specific types of proposed cameras with exact parameters as an additional service. The output of the 3D design is then a list of proposed cameras with
  • parameters (resolution, lens, installation height) and also views of individual cameras.
  • and here comes the choice of a specific camera system platform – camera system brand, camera brand, etc., depending on which solution best suits the customer’s environment in terms of price and functionality.

Detailed design of the camera system with specific views and parameters of individual cameras


Manufacturers with whom we most often cooperate in the design of camera systems

Digifort is a professional video management system that will offer you a centralized view for all cameras or other systems that you need to monitor from one place. Since its inception, its goal has been system integration. Works with 99% of all cameras in the world.

AXIS is a kind of Ferrari among cameras, thanks to its comprehensive portfolio of cameras, its own chip technology, many years of experience and the pursuit of the maximum quality of delivered solutions.

One of the most progressive companies in the field of camera systems with a comprehensive portfolio and a good price-quality ratio.

Avigilon, like Digifort, is a professional video system with its own portfolio of cameras and other CCTV hardware. It offers advanced video analysis and customized solutions.

Like Hikvision, DAHUA also belongs to the technological leaders in camera systems. The differences between their products are very small and we are happy to work with the technologies of both partners.

kombinacia s inymi systemami cctv

with other systems

The camera system primarily has a security function, and therefore the combination with a security system brings a large number of advantages, such as sending alarm messages when the monitored area is violated or triggering a silent alarm or siren.

In combination with the access and parking system, facial and license plate recognition functions are used, when entry to the secured area is enabled if the input data matches the data entered in the access database.


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