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parkovacie systemy

Parking systems

They are fully automated and will bring you not only maximum comfort, but also control in the administration and management of parking areas, with a minimum requirement for manpower.

The parking system can be managed:

  • right on the spot (SBS/concierge),
  • through the system of an external surveillance center that offers continuous (24/7) online support and supervision of the parking lot.
  • autonomously, without the need for management by a natural person

We are ready to propose you a unique, tailor-made solution that will withstand even the heaviest traffic. In addition, we offer our clients warranty and post-warranty service as an insurance policy to deal with unexpected events.

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Interesting functions

Software license plate recognition

Its operation consists in the fact that the camera at the ramp captures the license plate of the vehicle, compares it with the database and, based on the access rights, allows or does not allow it to drive/exit to the parking lot. It is also possible to combine it with other systems, for example in industrial parks with truck scales. The system can automatically assign the measured weight of the vehicle to the license plate.


Interesting functions

Free signaling
and occupied parking spaces

Systems of intelligent navigation in the parking lot or free space signaling save time when looking for a free space, but also make the entire movement around the parking lot more efficient. At the same time, they reduce car emissions in underground garages.


Interesting functions


For some it may be a survival, for others it is an essential part of any building or industrial complex. One way or another, turnstiles have come a long way and we would technologically “recommend” renaming the latest products, as they are very intelligent devices offering a wide range of options that increase the comfort and safety of entrance areas.

kombinacia s inymi systemami parkovacie systemy

with other systems

The parking system can also be connected to other systems and technologies, e.g. with an access system, camera system or any other devices via input/output modules, respectively for more complex systems via application interfaces and software integration.

For the proper functioning and management of the parking system according to the client’s wishes, it is necessary to connect the control elements of the system to the data network using structured cabling.

In combination with an access or camera system, it is possible to achieve better management and registration of entrances using databases, enable access to the parking lot using the license plate reading function and, last but not least, increase the security of the entire parking lot.


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