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strukturovana kabelaz

Structured cabling

It connects active devices in the company network. Thanks to the increasingly widespread use of mobile devices, it competes with wireless Wi-Fi networks, which are a worthy rival to structured cabling.

Reliable connection

Devices connected to this network are able to share data with each other.

Structured cabling is a standard element in family and apartment buildings, but also in commercial buildings. When choosing equipment, we take into account the safety and reliability of the system.


As part of our services, we provide:

  • analysis of the client’s requirements from the point of view of the use of structured cabling
  • analysis of possible future changes from the point of view of the modularity of the proposed solution
  • selection of a suitable concept from the point of view of topology but also of the elements used
  • matching the proposed technology and used elements with the design of the space
  • design and projection of structured cabling
  • implementation of cable routes, installation of terminal elements, location and installation of data switchboards, backup sources
  • marking and certification measurement of individual data connections and sockets
  • functionalization and service of the delivered solution

After completing the installation of distributions, we measure all cable routes with a certified measuring device in accordance with the ISO/IEC 11801 2nd Edition, Am1 & AM2 standard. A measurement protocol is prepared for each route, which defines the physical and transmission parameters of the given route.

Building a vertical and horizontal backbone network solves the constant opening of fire escapes when connecting each new tenant or part of the complex and thus ensures ideal connection points to this network.


How we proceed with the design of structured cabling

The purpose of structured cabling is to enable the connection of devices and users in the company network. And that from the point of view of current and future needs. The warranty for passive cabling from the manufacturer often exceeds 25 years, which obliges us to design structured cabling solutions that will serve their purpose at least during their warranty period.

  • possible technical solutions for the customer (metallic, optical, wireless)
  • possible cable routes and suitable network topologies
  • required current and potential future network throughput
  • needs and suitable places for system power supply, backup sources (UPS)
  • considered end devices in the data switchboard
  • the equipment of the data switchboard or switchboards
  • logical distribution of elements in the data switchboard for easy network management and work with cabling
  • security of the technological room
  • possible future requirements for flexibility and modularity of the delivered solution

Structured cabling is delivered with a certified measurement of individual cable connections and with a draft service contract to address potential changes or service requests.


What services can be connected via the new vertical infrastructure?

  • data services for operators
  • internet for tenants
  • voice services for customers
  • data links for individual tenants between multiple floors
  • electrical security system (EZS)
  • closed circuit TV (CCTV)
  • IP TV
  • person counters
  • other data devices

Which elements can form a system
structured cabling?

  • Data switchboard (Rack)
    is a standardized system for clear assembly and connection of various electrical and electronic devices and cable distributions in columns above each other in a steel frame.
  • Passive devices
    they do not perform any “action” and mainly serve only for better organization, availability, manipulation and possible modifications of the data network
  • Active devices
    ensure system functionality (communication and data transfer)
  • Switches
    they connect end devices to each other via structured cabling and form an internal company network
  • Backup power source
    serves to secure and protect the entire system against voltage fluctuations and power outages
  • Power panels and ventilation units
  • Cabling
  • Termination of cabling
kombinacia s inymi systemami strukturovana kabelaz

with other systems

Structured cabling is the communication infrastructure or nervous system of a business that connects devices and endpoints of different systems.

From this point of view, it is the foundation or underbelly for all other systems in the company.


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