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Data networks and telecommunications

Services for developers
and owners of administrative buildings or industrial parks

For clients owning or managing commercial properties, we design, implement, operate, and capitalize on their internal networks.

We also reduce investment and operational costs during the refurbishment of rental spaces or the reconstruction of buildings.

Drawing on our experience as a building operator, we provide developers with an objective and rational perspective on various legislative matters, tenant issues, operators, and regulatory authorities.

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Why choose LAST MILE?

We help our customers capitalize on their investment in telecommunication networks in buildings.

We design and operate telecommunications networks within buildings with efficiency and the application of our know-how. We also consider cost optimization for construction and facilitate the future management of this network.

For a building or park, we optimize and cover the complete care of telecommunications networks at the level of their construction, rental and use by operators

We optimize costs from the point of view of building network design (one network for all) and telecommunication network management costs.

We cover the management of telecommunications operators in buildings.

We provide telecommunications services to customers and tenants in the buildings in question.


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