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Case study

GEMO, a.s.

GEMO a.s. construction company has been specializing in complete turnkey construction in the field of civil engineering in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1990. Its work focuses on new buildings and reconstructions. During its operation it has already won more than 35 awards.

Backbone networks
CCTV system
Access system
Security system
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GEMO, a.s.


Civil engineering – new constructions and reconstructions.

Why did they approach us?

Our cooperation with GEMO started already during their project in Frýdek Místek. It turned out that we understand each other to a great extent and we like to overcome the established stereotypes together. That is why we gladly accepted their offer for further cooperation.

What solution did they need?

The essence of the assignment was a comprehensive package of services, which consisted of the development of project documentation, subsequent implementation and management of the entire project.

The object we worked on was the shopping centre OC NOVUM in Prešov. It is located in the historical centre of the city and provides 30 thousand m² of sales area. It creates space for more than 120 shops, cafes, restaurants with outdoor terraces, a modern 7-screen cinema, a large fitness centre and 500 underground parking spaces.

LAST MILE solution

The complexity of the project allowed us to express our creativity and passion for technology. Throughout the collaboration, we maintained close contact with GEMO and the architects from ARCH DESIGN. This ensured that the smart solution we designed would meet all requirements and expectations visually and technically.

Client expectations

In the initial consultations, we helped the client to orient themselves in the trends and requirements of smart and security technologies for the 21st century, specific especially for the territory of Slovakia. We presented the client with models of modern backbone network solutions for the building, made changes and optimizations in the layout of the originally planned SLP substations, thus creating more usable space.

We also optimized the cost of cable route construction and designed a modern digital technology ecosystem with minimal service and management requirements.

What smart solution have we delivered?

The biggest benefit was the comprehensive view of the whole object through a single optic. We combined the technologies of camera, access control, security and parking system. We visualized the propagation of public WiFi through the building structure with simulated loads from connected users. We also designed a visitor counting system, solved the IP SIP communication of the building, and implemented audio navigation for the blind.

As part of the project, we also provided fire alarm systems, specifically electrical fire alarm and voice fire alarm. Finally, we successfully interconnected all of the facilities using the facility’s unified backbone network, which is used not only for communication between systems throughout the center, but also for telecommunications connectivity to the facilities through their telecommunications providers. We also helped coordinate the project for internal GSM signal coverage.

Implementation of the solution

The cooperation between the investor GEMO, the architects from ArchDesign and our LAST MILE designers was regularly and systematically coordinated thanks to meetings held in the ArchDesign studios in Brno and also by inspecting the future construction site in Prešov.

After the final selection of the contractor, our designers visited the construction site several times, consulted on discrepancies and provided assistance to the contractors with the correct completion of the work in terms of implementation.

What systems have we delivered?

We have developed a comprehensive implementation project for all low-current systems of a modern shopping centre. Designed were:

  • structured backbone data cabling,
  • camera system,
  • access and communication system including intercoms,
  • security system,
  • public and internal WiFi network,
  • people counting,
  • electrical fire alarm system,
  • voice fire alarm,
  • voice guidance for the blind,
  • parking system.

On the basis of the developed systems, we successfully submitted an attractive offer to the client for the implementation of a large part of them. Subsequently, we also installed and commissioned the designed work.

Result achieved

The result was a fully secured building that boasts innovative solutions and goes beyond established standards.

Nowadays, the standards for modern technology are changing very quickly. We see great importance in selecting products with a future-oriented perspective and an excellent TCO (total cost of ownership) ratio. By choosing our company, the client has received an efficient and transparent project and quality installed equipment. In addition, we also provided him with solutions that even he did not know he would need. Despite the constant innovations in our sector, we have tried to ensure the high technological quality of the building and its absolute readiness for decades to come.


Photos from the implementation



How did the client evaluate the cooperation?

“What I particularly like about LAST MILE is their expertise, approach and background. I definitely recommend them.”

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