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Data networks and telecommunications

Services for wholesale partners

For telecommunications operators in Slovakia and abroad,

we offer stable and highly available optical connections on a wholesale basis. These connections link managed properties and locations to peering nodes within Slovakia and neighboring countries.

We provide rapid deployment, uninterrupted service, and monitoring, ensuring high availability through a well-engineered and redundant telecommunications network.

pre telekomunikacnych operatorov na slovensku i v zahranici

Why choose LAST MILE?

We assist our customers in capitalizing on their investment in telecommunications networks within buildings.

We design and operate telecommunications networks within buildings with efficiency and the application of our know-how. We also consider cost optimization for construction and facilitate the future management of this network.

For a building or park, we optimize and oversee the complete care of telecommunications networks throughout their construction, leasing, and utilization by operators.

We optimize costs from the perspective of designing a unified network for the building (one network for all) and the expenses related to the management of the telecommunications network.

We oversee the management of telecommunications operators within the buildings.

We provide telecommunication services to customers and tenants within the respective buildings.


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