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Backbone networks

They form the supporting foundation for other networks and systems in buildings or entire campuses. They are the basic pillar on which further communication layers are built.

Backbone networks

The building’s central nervous system, which is changeable and can quickly respond to new demands. A system that is ready for the future.

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First of all, we try to have an overview of the latest network technologies, but also our own practical experience with their operation.


Then, in cooperation with the network technicians of our company, we analyze the available technologies and their strengths and weaknesses, investment requirements and energy balance.


We also consider the purity of the design from the point of view of operation and serviceability.


Last but not least, risk analysis from the point of view of cyber security will come up.

As part of our services, we provide:

  • analysis of networks and systems that will use the backbone network
  • analysis of requirements for network modularity and connections from the perspective of the future
  • design and projection of backbone networks
  • construction of backbone networks
  • including coverage of the necessary legislation for external networks
  • operation and service of backbone networks
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with other systems

The backbone network is designed primarily for the communication of all systems and elements in the building or campus. It is a network of networks that share a single physical infrastructure through the configuration of active network elements.

From this definition of the backbone network, it is clear that it is the basic communication level for all implemented solutions and systems. It can be shared by access systems, camera systems, telecommunications solutions, parking systems, audio/video solutions, electricity meters, measurement and regulation, and the like.


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