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Case study

Free Company

This company provides fulfillment services to clients all over the world. It means that they are in charge of warehousing, picking and shipping the goods (eshop orders) to all over the world.

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Free Company


Warehousing, picking and shipping of goods (eshop orders) to all over the world.

Why did they approach us?

One of our clients was FREE Company s.r.o. This company provides fulfillment services to clients from all over the world. It means that they are in charge of warehousing, picking and shipping the goods (eshop orders) to all over the world.

A company with such coverage and clients from different corners of the Earth is keen on quality and innovative solutions. That’s why it approached the experts at LAST MILE on a recommendation.

What solution did they need?

Free Company needed experts to cover the design and implementation of the technology equipment for one of their functional buildings. This was the logistics complex of the developer Karimpol Group in Senec, where FREE Company s.r.o. rented a class A warehouse.

The park is located just 24 km from Bratislava directly on the D1 motorway in the well-known and established zone of Senec, which for years has enjoyed a reputation as a logistics-industrial hub of European importance.

LAST MILE solution

This cooperation was specific in that the customer uses systems that were created individually for him. So we had to find the right mix of solutions so that they could use the system 100%.

We are not afraid of challenges, so we also tried to look at this project from different angles. A company like FREE Company needs all the systems to be reliably connected and make it easier for them to work with the goods.

An example of this is the overview camera of the DOME structure, which we installed according to the client’s request to directly capture the unloading on the ramp. You can see a photo directly from the field in the gallery below, picture 2.

Implementation of the solution

Cooperation with FREE Company went like clockwork. We implemented our proposed solution, while also taking into account the additional requirements of the client.

We provided complete networking, wifi connection and connected the camera, access control and security system.

Within the access control system, we used two-way access control in the form of a turnstile. Entry is granted on the basis of a biometric face reader or an access card. An access card reader is located at the exit.

Result achieved

FREE Company is a growing start-up that is committed to quality and reliable partners. Together we have created a space in which he can develop his business successfully.

Financially, the project was cost-intensive based on the requirements, but the client knew we offered quality solutions. In the end, we agreed on the refinancing.


Photos from the implementation



How did the client evaluate the cooperation?

I would recommend LAST MILE further. Among their strengths I would rank especially the wide range of services provided.

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