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Case study


New Apollo is an office building in Bratislava, standing on the site of the infamous Apollo I BC, which had significant problems with its statics in the past. It was therefore an installation on a building that may be under public scrutiny.

Business centre
CCTV system
Parking system
Access system
Elevator system
Security system


What is the new Apollo?

office building in Bratislava

Why were we approached?

The client approached us with the requirement of installation of low-current systems in a newly constructed building called New Apollo.

As this is a modern building, the security requirements were very much driven by the latest integration and remote management trends that will be impacting the sector in the coming years.

LAST MILE solution

Our solution had to take into account the life of the building, its operation, its regime and be able to respond flexibly to the constant changes in the requirements of the building’s tenants. And this went down to the level of each individual’s specific requirements.

The aim was also to optimise the potential installation costs and make a showcase installation that both LAST MILE and HBR can be proud of.

Implementation of the solution

It has been a complex and lively process from the beginning. Not only the design phase, but also the realisation of the work itself brought continuous changes in the requirements for functionality. As a result, we have learned that what we need to look for first in the design process is modularity and integration.

The latest standards in security were taken into account in the design of the solution, both in terms of the choice of end elements, communication protocols and end-to-end encryption of all data communication.

Result achieved

The proposed technology serves simultaneously as a central building security technology, but also as a single integration platform with a single database and synchronization of users and rights across all connected systems.

Emphasis was also placed on the ease of use and management capabilities of the entire solution, aided by visualisation tools and schematic maps.

We took into account the integration requirements of the third-party systems of the individual tenants, which are easy and quick to implement thanks to the integration capabilities of the central platform.

The central platform connects the access control systems with all other building systems such as CCTV, security system, elevator management system, parking system, building fire safety system, visitor management system, audio-video communicators, etc. Thanks to this integration, arbitrary modes and scenarios can be selected and individually adapted to the requirements of the tenants. This makes it possible to significantly speed up movement around the building or simplify navigation.

All currently available technologies can be used as authenticators, from physical and mobile cards to QR codes or biometrics.

The uniqueness of this solution is not only the composition of the systems used, but also the way they are controlled, which has moved from traditional relay control to fully software-based control, also using elements of artificial intelligence.

The building’s modularly designed data backbone network is open to the extension of the solution or the addition of any.


Photos from the implementation

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